Corlette, noun: mix of four key words: ‘Colette’, Fiorina’s grandmother,

‘corset’, where the inspiration comes from, ‘core of the body’ , the part of

the body where the corsets and the belts have been worn and ‘corps’,

the French word for body.

Corlette is a luxury accessories brand specialized in corset-style belts and

gloves. All pieces are 100% made in Italy.

Founded by Fiorina Benveniste-Schuler and named after her grandmother,

Colette, an avid wearer of corsets and gloves who embraced elegance and

style, Corlette represents the modern femininity combined with the

savoir-faire and class of the old days.

Born into a life of travel and describing herself to be from everywhere

and nowhere, Fiorina brings a different philosophy to her design,

combining various cultures to create luxury accessories that bridge

the gap between both the formal and the casual.